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vehicle related services

VRS (Vehicle Related Services) is a comprehensive range of All-Makes Truck and Trailer parts, Lubricants, Chemicals and Workshop Consumables.


All of these parts are supplied through the Scania UK network, and come with the benefits associated. Including high product availability, parts delivery service and a comprehensive parts warranty.


By accessing such an extensive range in one place you can save time, effort and money every time you order.


Winter Edition - seasonal essentials

Winter is here and with it comes extra challenges for truck drivers. As days shorten, temperatures drop and conditions worsen, safety and reliability can be severely tested.


In this brochure you’ll find a selection of VRS All Makes Winter essentials to make life easier and safer for mixed fleets.

VRS LinkedIn 

For the latest product information and competitions, follow VRS on LinkedIn. 


You’ll find a selection of VRS All Makes Truck Parts essentials to make life easier and safer for mixed fleets.

24 month fitted parts warranty 

If you choose to have your part fitted in a Scania approved workshop you will benefit from our 24-month fitted parts warranty.  Save yourselves the hassle and let us fit it for you! 


Our warranty also covers consequential damage, scania assistance and nationwide coverage.*


Brands Provided

These are some of the popular brands that are provided through VRS. 

VRS Brochures

Take a look at our latest VRS brochures, providing comprehensive ranges of parts for your commercial vehicles at highly competitive prices.

the febi range

The febi bilstein range of truck parts available to order through the VRS programme.

Oil, Lubricants and Filtration

VRS offers a comprehensive range of universal lubricants for your commercial vehicle. 

Vehicle Safety Solutions

Vehicle safety systems, designed to promote the safety of everyone who comes into contact with commercial vehicles. 

Trailer Components

Industry leading trailer components brochure covering all key parts.

Workshop Consumables

Extended range of workshop consumables and lubricants available from your Scania Dealer.

Disc Brake Pads

OE quality aftermarket braking and friction components for all makes of truck and trailer.

Vehicle Warning Lights

Vehicle warning light essentials to ensure your commerical vehicles are safe. 

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Please contact us if you have any questions about our products, services or other activities within the Scania organisation.

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