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Street smart revolution

Ready to get street smart?

Scania’s decades long tradition of harnessing smart technology is taking a revolutionary leap forward. Powered by the premium Smart Dash digital dashboard, working seamlessly with new high-performance computing and communications technology, this is the Scania Street Smart revolution.


Scania’s vehicles are now safer, smarter and intuitive to the human experience than ever before. From advanced safety features and Scania remote diagnostics, to new connected maps and customisable digital services that leverage real time vehicle data – we are harnessing the power of digital to make your future driving experience more personal.


Built on a high-performance technology platform with Over the Air remote software update capabilities, our vehicles are ready to adapt to new advanced services and use cases as they develop.


We call this being street smart.

Your road ahead connected

All new Scania vehicles are equipped with our next generation intelligence and safety features. Here’s what that means for your operations: 

Scania Smart Dash

In-cab ecosystem works together with My Scania and Scania Driver app to provide seamless flow of smart insights from all users connected to your fleet.

Customisable services

New high-performance computing, telematic and sensor platforms collect vehicle data for tailored insights and services. Maximize uptime, profit and fleet logistics with data-driven solutions. 

Fast and remote diagnostics

Smart Dash enables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth servicing capabilities for easier and faster diagnostics at our workshops. Together with remote preventative maintenance, your fleet availability becomes more predictable with minimal downtime.

Ready for tomorrow

Over the Air remote software updates ensure your vehicle’s software stays up to date and allows you to activate new services without visiting a workshop. Regular security updates protect your fleet against cybersecurity threats. 

Advanced safety features

The sensor platform enhances Scania vehicle safety, protecting pedestrians, cyclists and others on the road. Drivers gain control and peace of mind. 

Scania Navigation app

Our new Scania Navigation app collects and crunches data on location and traffic information to keep the driver informed about their route in real time. New connected maps enable improved navigation, Control Cruise with Active Prediction and Speed Sign Information – plus much more. 

Not your average vehicle

Under the hood

Scania’s new Electrical System Architecture is packed with cutting-edge technological components that combine to create the smartest Scania vehicles ever. 

Next generation electrical system

High-performance computing system which handles vast amounts of data and powers communication between vehicle components. Faster diagnostics, stronger cybersecurity and enables future functions. 

New sensor platform

Combines short range radar, distance sensors and forward-looking camera technology to help you drive safely. Vulnerable road user detection, collision warnings and more ensure your vehicle complies with the latest EU safety regulations as well as being prepared for safety features to come. 

C400 telematic unit

A new faster 4G and 5G-ready modem means better connectivity for diagnostics and workshop interactions. Platform for future advanced use cases – including developments in autonomous vehicle technology. 

Over the air (OTA) remote software update capabilities

Keeps your Scania vehicle up to date with latest software and security without the need to visit a workshop, reducing downtime and simplifying logistics. 

Empower your drive

Smart Dash in detail

Smart Dash is our new central hub for an enhanced, next generation driving experience.


Providing seamless integration with all other touchpoints in the Scania digital ecosystem, it is designed to empower the driver with valuable insight to help them drive in an informed, efficient and safe manner.


Integrations with a wide range of functions including:

✓ Advanced voice control


✓ ADAS Support


✓ Premium infotainment (radio & media playback)


✓ Driver safety support


✓ Apple CarPlay* & Android Auto™**


✓ Scania Navigation app


✓ Improved handsfree calls


✓ Flexible bodybuilder integration


✓ Improved camera support


✓ Option to present complementary driver information on two screens 


Scania Navigation app – Illuminating your journey

Ready to make driving more predictable, as well as save time and stress?

The Scania Navigation app analyses real-time traffic data to deliver driving insights. Designed in Nordic-inspired signature Scania colours, the result is a safer, efficient enjoyable drive.

Safer than ever

Ready for new safety regulation

Featuring the latest in safety technology, all new Scania vehicles comply with both the General Safety Regulation and new UN cyber-security regulation. 

Powered by radars and cameras at the side, front and rear of the vehicle. Detects or alerts driver to possible collisions with both objects and other road users, including in blind-spots.


Monitors the driver’s attention level. Issues acoustic and visual warnings in the event of low driver attention level, based on elements such as lane-keeping, steering movements, tachograph data, time of the day. 


Powered by Scania’s new electrical system architecture with remote software update capabilities. Keeps your fleet protected from digital vulnerabilities in a world where cyberattacks are on the rise. 


Advanced driver safety features: new offering


✓ Emergency Brake Indication


✓ Alcolock prep



✓ Vulnerable Road User Collision Warning - side


✓ Driver Attention Support


✓ Tyre Pressure Monitoring



✓ Vulnerable Road User Collision Warning - front


✓ Vulnerable Road User Detection - rear


✓ Speed Sign information


Scania digital ecosystem

Scania’s new vehicles are not only smarter than ever, they’re also more interconnected than ever before.


My Scania, our new entry point to Scania's digital world is the platform to explore all the service offerings available for your fleet.


From My Scania to the Scania Driver app, to the vehicle brain itself and everything in between: all elements of the Scania digital ecosystem work seamlessly to share data-driven insights that empower your operation for maximum performance. 

– A unified digital ecosystem for your Scania products and services that can be fully personalised according to your business needs and role. 


– Seamless flow of data between desktop and mobile applications, rapid sharing with My Scania and the Scania Driver app.


– Ability to view tailored services through vehicle´s Smart Dash as well as My Scania and Scania Driver app. 


A platform for the future

Ready for today and tomorrow

The latest, smartest generation of Scania vehicles is equipped to excel in the face of the operational challenges of today.


It has also been designed and built with cutting-edge technology that is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow in our fast-evolving digital world.

Future-proofed by Scania

High-performance processing power and communications technology future-proof the vehicle for new services and digital applications that further strengthen your operation’s performance.

Electric vehicle optimised

Smart Dash interface designed to deliver charging services for battery electric trucks, including range support, departure scheduling, charge monitoring and more. 


5G Connectivity and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) readiness provide the foundations for an autonomous vehicle future. 

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Please note that some of the images are illustrative and may differ from the real product. 

*Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

**Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC.