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Explore the diverse stories of our team members and discover their Scania journey. Here, you can get to know our talented individuals, learn what they love about Scania and what has brought them here. As these people share their own unique path and perspectives you will gain insight into various roles within our organisation and effortlessly understand what fuels their passion for our business.


Get to know us better and be inspired by the incredible people who make Scania an exceptional place to be.

The thrill of helping others

Craig Moore, Master Technician

Meet Craig Moore, who started his career as an apprentice at Scania and is now a Master Technician, who has enjoyed stints in Australia and as an Escalation Technician. What drives Craig is his desire to help his customers and peers. This is his story.


Craig was always destined to work on heavy vehicles, as his grandfather and his father before worked in the trade.


Keen to forge a path of his own, Craig fed his hunger for knowledge by getting into the nitty gritty of how each vehicle works. This desire created the chance to go to Scania Australia. While there he learnt a lot about rebuilding and modifying engines and gearboxes.


“I like to push myself and my knowledge,” says Craig. “I want to be stripping and rebuilding engines, gearboxes, final drives. I want to be into the guts of it, elbow deep in grease.”


When he returned to Scotland, Craig forged a reputation as the go-to person when it comes to solving complex mechanical issues, especially around Power Solutions drivetrains. His expert advice and guidance is often sought, but not just in Scotland or across the UK, but also globally.


His charisma and passion are infectious, which is why sharing his knowledge with others is so natural. And why he relishes the chance to attend a breakdown at 3am or jet across Europe to fix a luxury yacht.


All that matters to Craig is getting our customers on their way as soon as he can.


“I thrive on assisting customers and teaching others. They view you as a superstar, because you’re the one that helped them when they required help the most.”

Scania supports you to progress your way

Emily Hardy, Account Manager (Services)

Meet Emily Hardy, who loves challenging herself and her understanding, and has recently been promoted to Account Manager (Services) for our North Region.


She explains how provided you have the drive, Scania UK can open doors to limitless opportunities.


Having taken a customer service apprenticeship via a doctor’s surgery, as a teenager, Emily has been shaping and curating her career to put the customer first. Whether they’re a patient, a driver, an associate or a customer.


After trying her hand at numerous jobs, an opportunity to work for Scania arose and piqued her interest. From joining in 2019, Emily has been on quite the journey within the business.


She started out in Sales Admin, before moving on to become a Service Advisor at Darlington. She stayed within the Services team as she moved closer to home at Newcastle. And recently has gone full circle to return to sales as Account Manager (Services).


Four moves in four years may not be for everyone, but Emily says she loves a challenge, and Scania UK has allowed her to progress the way she wants to, and with the support of her colleagues.


“It's reassuring to know that what you are striving for and envisioning in a job can be achieved,” she said. “The managers I’ve had, have all supported me moving and they understand. That’s really reassuring – that what you’re doing is normal and right.


“Having moved through a few jobs in Scania, I still feel very much part of the family. They’re always supporting you all the way because they want you to stay and want you to move up and progress. I’ve never felt that way at any other company.”

That first step on the career ladder is worth it

Ged Nairn, Branch Manager

Meet Ged Nairn, Branch Manager in Dundee. He joined us with one ambition – to climb the career ladder. This is his story.


Ged joined Scania with a wealth of experience repairing and maintaining vehicles, from starting out as an apprentice for Volkswagen, to working for the US Army. And most recently Strathclyde Fire Service – where he kept their Scania fire engines in tip-top condition. 


Keen to progress his career and develop his knowledge, there was only one brand he wanted to join. Once he became a Scania technician, he thought he’d have to impress to progress.


But as Ged explains, that wasn’t the case: “Before I knew it, I’ve rebuilt an engine and replaced a clutch in a bus. These are jobs I’ve never undertaken.


“Getting those jobs early on was a boost, because it showed trust in my ability.”


From then on, he realised all he needed to do was grab the opportunities as they arose. That’s exactly what he did. He went from Technician to Workshop Services Manager before becoming Branch Manager.


He was also given the opportunity to do a secondment under the wing of a Regional Director, who had followed a similar path as Ged. 


This was crucial in shaping his understanding of the business and his managerial style. Plus it gave him a taste of what it’s like to be a Regional Director at Scania.


Ged’s advice to anyone is: “If you want to take your career to the next step, take yourself out of your comfort zone. Put yourself in that position to prove your ability and to see how good you’re at your job.


“The challenges are hard but rewarding.” 

Best way to progress your career is to be yourself

Sally Johnson, Branch Manager

Meet Sally Johnson, who’s worked her way up to become Branch Manager at Darlington. But what makes her story special is, she’s our first female Branch Manager at Scania UK, and her secret? Be true to yourself.


After falling in love with the heavy vehicle industry through various roles, Sally has been keen to grasp any opportunity with two hands, and experience and learn as much as she can along the way.


Whether that’s as a Service Advisor or managing a customer’s workshop – she’s picked up valuable skills and experiences that would stand her in good stead for a role as a senior leader.


When single parent Sally re-joined Scania to continue her career, progression was firmly on her mind. And while she believed she could be a Branch Manager one day – the chance presented itself sooner than she anticipated.


In 2020, she took the reins of the Leeds team, before moving on to Darlington, to oversee a bigger team and patch for Scania UK.


She said: “At the time the excitement was unbelievable. I hadn’t even realised that I was the only female Branch Manager! It was where I wanted to be, and I something to work towards.”


When asked how she adapted to being a Branch Manager, she said: “I just picked up my personality and took it with me and made my mark wherever I went next.


“I’m a firmer believer in being adaptable as a person, but your personality is what makes you who you are. And Scania lets me be myself every day.”

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