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Business First

We build trucks that build businesses. It's not just about performance, reliability and economy: it's about Scania's knowledge of your business. By getting to know you, we can tailor-make products that can help increase your profitability dramatically.

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Fuel Efficiency


Business Growth

New Generation Trucks

Unmistakably Scania. Fundamentally redesigned. Our next series are one step ahead to meet the demanding and varying needs of all our customers, now and for years to come.

New R-Series

It’s the drivers who inspire Scania to evolve. With every improvement to the new R-Series, we strive to provide them with the best conditions possible.




New S-Series

The S-Series was created with the specific needs of the long distance driver in mind; the focus on driver environment, interior space and reliability.

Specialist Help

Scania's modular design and construction means we can build trucks for niche applications that care cost-effective and engineered to the highest standards.

Trucks That Build Business

Scania trucks don't just perform. They partner with you to drive down operating costs, maximise uptime and keep drivers safe, alert and comfortable.

Be productive


To maximise uptime, every component in a Scania truck is designed for maximum lifetime and minimum time to service or replace





Stay Safe


Scania's safety systems don't just involve electronics: we help drivers through clever engineering and in-depth training and coaching.

Renewable Fuels


Our bodybuilder portal gives you all the tools and information you need to develop a bodywork design that will be quick and cost-effective to build and fit. Here you'll find a valuable array of instructions, drawings and details about bodywork equipment, tools, certificates and online tutorials.


Cut Your Fuel Costs


To keep your productivity high and your fuel expenditure low, Scania constantly strives to improve our trucks and services. By constantly refining the three cornerstones of fuel economy – vehicle, driver, services – we’ll help your business thrive.

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