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Haydock Commercials is your one-stop service partner. Whether you need a clean truck or tanker service – all our technicians are trained to the highest standards of excellence and technical ability, to guarantee you the best service within the best time frame. 

Tanker support

Our fuel tanker maintenance and repair service includes the two-yearly Vapour Tightness check required by the UK Safe Loading Pass Scheme and the mandatory three-yearly Leakproof test demanded by European ADR legislation.

Trailer Servicing

From flatbeds to moving-floor double decks, from drawbar eco-fridges to specialised load carriers – we are equipped to service and repair your trailer. And our extensive stock of all-makes parts means more uptime.

Ancillary Equipment

We can install and maintain a wide range of ancillary equipment including tail-lifts, refrigeration systems and shutter doors. And we can provide full legal compliance services, such as LOLER testing, wherever required.

Repair at a fixed price

Take advantage of the package offer from Scania to carry out timely repair of complex components and assemblies with a profit of up to 70% compared to the same set of services and materials separately.

Post-Emergency repair

One accident can result not only in a dent on the car, but also in the loss of an entire business. If you need to continue on your way as soon as possible, contact Scania.

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Depot Manager

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Depot Manager

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Depot Manager

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Simon Lee

Depot Manager

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Depot Manager

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