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Green Truck 2020 - The result

Find out all about the details in the environmental ranking.

Scania takes the first place at the environmental ranking 2020

The Scania R540 won with a consumption of 25.14 liters of diesel per 100 kilometres.

Umweltranking Green Truck 2020

Scania R 540 convinced with the lowest average fuel consumption of 25.14 litres per 100 kilometres and the average speed with 80.42 km/h and the best score for fuel efficiency.



The test report

In the quest of improving overall energy efficiency, we leave no stone unturned. The outcome of this is award-winning results. Improved engine technology, decreased air drag and rolling resistance paired with smart services and helpful tools bring you a fuel economy like no other, regardless of your operations.

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Here you can find the configuration of the Scania R 540 Green Truck 2020. Look at the specifications of the fuel saver and adapt it for the required transport assignment.

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