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The Green Truck Award

The environmental ranking is carried out by the German trade magazines Trucker and Verkehrsrundschau.

How is the Green truck Award determined?

We explain what is being tested at the Green Truck and how the winner is determined.

The Award

“The environmental label Green Truck is a point of reference for fleet managers in industry, trade and logistics as well as truck drivers in terms of the purchase and use of environmentally friendly commercial vehicles.”

Gerhard Grünig

editor in chief of the magazines Verkehrsrundschau and Trucker

Sustainable for the environment

To rat the environmental performance, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are compared. The CO2 emissions are indicated as carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). The environmental ranking also considers well-to-wheel emissions as outlined in the DIN EN 16258 regulation.


heavy test-trailer

A reference vehicle is used on the 353-kilometre standardised test route to compensate for weather conditions. The transport assignment is the same for all: each vehicle is equipped with a 24-tonne heavy trailer. That is how the total weight of approximately 32 tonnes is obtained.



Here you can find the configuration of the Scania R 540 green truck 2020. Look at the specifications of the fuel saver and adapt it to the transport task if needed.

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