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Our product lifecycle

We seek to create value at every stage of our product life cycle by minimising the negative impacts of our operations and products, and increasing the positive ones. This life cycle approach delivers value for each of our key stakeholder groups in different ways.

Scania product lifecycle illustration

Scania makes significant yearly R&D investments to make our transport solutions efficient and profitable for our customers, and sustainable for society as a whole.

With more than 1,000 direct and 10,000 indirect suppliers, managing our sourcing impacts calls for a structured approach.


We are committed to increasing transparency and to work with our suppliers to improve 

sustainability performance including making sourcing more circular all along the value chain.

Scania has an extensive logistical network including inbound flows (materials and parts coming to Scania from our suppliers), and outbound flows (Scania vehicles and components being delivered to customers all over the world). 


We continuously eliminate waste, improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in our logistical flows, while promoting fair working conditions for drivers.

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our production facilities, while ensuring that they are safe, healthy environments to work in.

Our sales staff work with our customers to ensure that their vehicles products are optimised for their specific transport assignment and to address the products’ environmental impact. he sustainable transport solutions we provide are based on three pillars: energy efficiency, renewable fuels and electrification, and smart and safe transport.

Our transport solutions keep people and goods moving efficiently and reliably, supporting social and economic development.

Our services boost uptime and efficiency for our customers, while also reducing fuel consumption and emissions, improving safety and extending the service life of our products.

8. End of life

We aim to promote a circular life cycle, where parts and materials from Scania products at the end of their life are reused or recycled.