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Circular business

At Scania, we believe that being a sustainable business depends on adopting a more circular economic model, where the use of existing resources is maximised and waste is minimised all along the value chain. 

This transition is supported by many of our existing principles and values. Circular business aligns with our core value, elimination of waste, as well as our lean production system and our modularisation approach.

Circularity plays a role in our value chain and for our business model today, and we believe it will grow to become vital in the future. Therefore we are taking actions to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities of a circular approach in the different parts of our value chain. This includes exploring new business models, working with our supply chain, extending the life of our products, optimising the use of resources and energy, maintaining product value as far as possible, remanufacturing spare parts, and promoting recycling at the end-of-life product phase. As we move into an electrified transport system, we are also exploring business opportunities around recycling and reusing battery components and raw materials.