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Safety systems for the future

Powered by decades of connectivity

With around 600,000 connected vehicles around the globe, Scania has long been harnessing the power of smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity to deliver data-driven value.


From lowering fuel consumption to maximising uptime and improving driving performance, the power of a Scania vehicle isn’t just due to premium quality hardware, it’s also thanks to its brains.


The first Scania connected vehicle services were launched almost 20 years ago with the creation of digital fleet management, and since then the innovative ways in which Scania vehicle data is transformed into insights to boost safety, sustainability and productivity for businesses has only grown.

Learn more about the key features of Scania´s ADAS systems

ADAS Comfort features

ADAS Detection features

ADAS Prevention features

A smarter step on the road ahead

But whether it’s in vehicle performance, sustainability, or in this case digital solutions, standing still is never our philosophy. Scania vehicles will soon become even smarter, powered by new vehicle intelligence that further enhances safety, productivity and the driver experience.


That means even more technological assistance to help you drive safely. More connectivity to ensure the most efficient routing. 


More flexible and predictive solutions. And more intuitive interfaces in our new Smart Dash digital dashboard that make interacting with your vehicles as seamless as possible.

Technology fit for the future, today

It will also further strengthen security. In a world where cyberattacks are continuously on the rise, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and deliver leading cybersecurity features that keep vehicles safe, keep your business running, and deliver peace of mind for even longer.


Updating to a new level of cutting-edge intelligence creates the platform for even more advanced performance, sustainability and safety benefits over the lifespan of the vehicle as these continue to be developed by our leading experts.


Always tailored to your business needs. With updates in compulsory safety legislation coming first in the EU then elsewhere, the need to future-proof vehicles is only made more pressing.

New EU Vehicle Safety Regulations

For trucks and buses from July 2022 all new vehicle types (and from July 2024, all new vehicles in general) must contain a wide range of safety features, including:

∙ Moving Off Information System (MOIS) 

∙ Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) 

∙ Reversing Detection System (REV) 

∙ Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA)

∙ Driver Drowsiness and Alertness Warning (DDAW)

∙ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

∙ Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

∙ Alcohol Interlock Installation Facilitation (ALC)

Ready to learn more?

Scania has a long history of creating premium vehicles that are cutting-edge, data-driven, sustainable and smart. That journey continues this year as our vehicles get even smarter, equipped with Smart Dash. Are you ready for the next step?