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Transitioning to sustainability – by all means

4 JUNE 2020

It is perhaps unsurprising that Swedish LBC Frakt, which is owned by independent hauliers in Värmland County, has invested in the first liquefied biogas Scania G 410 8x4 skiploader.

“We know how the transport industry impacts climate change and although our own combined fleet of 250 trucks by and large meets the most stringent emission standards, we must start planning for how we are to meet society’s CO2 reduction targets for 2030 and 2050,” says Managing Director Lars Reinholdsson, LBC Frakt.

90–95 percent reduction in carbon emissions

The new truck will be deployed in expanding the rail infrastructure with a new passing track. The project is being commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration, which has set clear CO2 emission limits. “With the 90–95 percent reduction in carbon emissions through biogas, we will be in a good position to meet these demands.”


Reinholdsson readily admits that liquefied gas may not be the obvious choice for short-distance construction transports but the longer range compared with compressed biogas will come in handy. “But, above all, we need to manifest the opportunities that renewable fuels offer as viable carbon reduction alternatives. All customers may not be willing to pay for the added costs but I truly believe that these soon will be widely be in demand and that will give us an edge.”

Investing in Scania’s hybrid and ethanol trucks

In addition to the biogas truck, LBC Frakt is investing in Scania’s hybrid and ethanol trucks. To operate the latter, LBC will establish its own ethanol ED95 pump. “We’re convinced that several fuels are needed to reach carbon targets. Electric propulsion will definitely be an alternative but in the short term it’s difficult to envision electric trucks for long distance transport. There, biofuels will be the most realistic option for the coming years.”


Reinholdsson underlines that its commitment encompasses much more than fuels, and also includes soft values. LBC Frakt’s hauliers support the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies’ Fair Transport initiative for environmental, social and road safety responsibility. The company has also joined local Karlstad University’s Gender Academy, in developing diversity and gender equality as tools for leadership, innovation, recruitment and business benefits.


“Following the Corona crisis, we will see a different society emerge. Fewer products will be manufactured in Asia and more production returned to Europe. I’m therefore reasonably optimistic about the prospects for our industry.”