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The front-end-developer-programme changed her career path

20 NOVEMBER 2020

Tina Tizro used to work as a flow controller in Supply Chain Network in Södertälje. But this spring, her career path changed. “I was lucky enough to be accepted as one of the candidates to Scania’s front-end-developer-programme.”

The three months course opened up possibilities for Scania employees without any previous experience from IT. As from this September, Tizro is employed by an IT department. “I put a lot of effort in learning everything and more. It wasn’t always easy as it was a totally new world for me. Now, the journey continues and I learn new things every day.” She also wants to highlight the colleagues and managers. “They are so patient, and make me feel welcome in the team.”


Tizro is happy with how her professional life has taken on a totally different path. “I see how people are eager to collaborate, to achieve our goals despite working remote.” Another thing she appreciates is how the team is truly supportive and dedicated to plan and develop applications, and deliver them in the best possible way. “I thoroughly enjoy my new job as a front-end-developer, and I am happy that I chose a company that gave me this opportunity."