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The customer’s verdict on 770 hp: “You can really feel those extra 40 hp”


In the south east of Finland, close to the Russian border, a 76-tonne lumber transport slowly crawls out of the forest. With the world’s strongest truck engine under his feet, Harri Aho sets off to the paper mill in Inkeroinen.

The sign on the front of the Scania V8 says 730 hp. Harri is the only truck driver in Finland who knows that there’s actually much more power inside this vehicle.


“I only recently got to know exactly how much power – 770 hp! And you can really feel those extra 40 hp,” he says.

A new dimension

In recent months, Harri’s work in the Karelian forests has taken on a whole new dimension because he’s been secretly testing the most powerful factory-built truck engine in the world. He’s a man of few words, but he’s quick to praise Scania´s new powerhouse.


“When transporting timber with a 76-tonne vehicle on these narrow and icy paths, you need strong engines. But that’s not enough. You also need good startability and drivability. You definitely don’t want to get stuck in these forests.”

Harri Aho

Harri Aho

“Sturdy in every way”

“This new truck has what it takes. It’s sturdy in every way, so it won't swerve on roads with ruts, which we have a lot of here.”


Harri Aho’s transport company, Aho & Nuutinen, transport timber and blocks of granite in southern Finland. Powerful V8 trucks from Scania have always been part of their business. When asked to participate in a field test with a new V8 engine, Harri immediately accepted.


“When we started the field test, I didn't know what truck it was or what engine we had in it. I felt it was strong and very well suited for our business and that it was more fuel efficient than the 730 hp V8s we normally use.”


A few months into the field test, Harri learned the truth.

Fuel efficient

“I have to say it did surprise me that an engine like that had been made. And I was even more surprised that the fuel consumption is so good in such a powerful engine. Even though I don’t have any exact figures yet, my feeling is that this 770 hp engine is significantly more fuel efficient than the 730 hp engines we also use. Scania’s engineers haven't wasted their time, I must say.”

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