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Scania Ecolution for optimal uptime and fuel consumption

3 MARCH 2020

K.C. Kwang & Sons delivers fresh produce in a high-pressure delivery environment. Reliability and economy are two key factors for the company.

Endless rows of vegetable plants and fruit trees line the sides of the mountain roads of the Cameron Highlands district, some 90 kilometres north of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. In this competitive market, K.C. Kwang & Sons stands out as one of the most successful companies, delivering produce to the largest multinational supermarket chains in Malaysia and exporting to the United Arab Emirates.


After several years of commissioning hauliers to transport their goods, with disappointing results, the company’s owner and founder Kwang Keh Chong turned to Scania for a reliable truck. Today, K.C. Kwang & Sons is managed by Mr Kwang’s son, Kwang Ee Fu, and operates three Scania trucks. Two of these trucks have delivery journeys of up to 500 kilometres a day.

Scania trucks and service bring “peace of mind”

“The quick response by Scania’s team to any query and the great performance of the truck has provided me with minimum downtime and given me peace of mind,” says Kwang Ee Fu.


“I don’t need to worry about the trucks breaking down while we’re delivering time-sensitive and perishable produce. We’re the only producer of Kyoho grapes in the area. They’re a highly sought-after premium product, so we can’t afford any delays or spoiled products.”


As an agricultural producer, sustainability plays a crucial role in K.C. Kwang & Sons’ business. It recycles leftover and rejected crops into compost and improves its water management by using better crop planning cycles to maximise its harvest.

Profitability and sustainability

K.C. Kwang & Sons also seeks to reduce its carbon footprint while it seeks lower operational costs, so it was a natural step for it to sign up to Scania Ecolution, a package of truck specifications, coaching and monitoring that optimises vehicle performance and fuel consumption. Through Ecolution, the company it targets a five percent reduction in fuel consumption.


And the initial results have been very promising. After just six months of using Scania Ecolution, K.C. Kwang & Sons has reduced its CO2 emissions reduced by more than 13,000 kilogrammes, equivalent to planting 590 trees. The company is also leveraging on the Scania Ecolution partnership to improve its drivers’ performances by limiting harsh braking, idling time and overall fuel consumption without jeopardising delivery and transportation time.


“Efficiency and sustainability can be the catalyst for a successful business,” states Kwang Ee Fu. “We are very pleased that we’ve been able to reduce our CO2 emissions month by month and we will continue to work with Scania in finding improvements that can help us to achieve a more sustainable future.”