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Thai customers welcome Scania factory

1 MARCH 2019

Scania has identified Thailand as one of its key markets in Asia and is now expanding its industrial and commercial presence in the country. With the establishment of the new industrial operation in Bangkok, Stefan Dorski, Managing Director for Scania Siam, has high hopes for the company’s business in the territory.


Thailand is a large heavy commercial vehicles market, with between 15,000 and 20,000 heavy trucks registered each year. Scania has a market share of three percent, and there is great potential for the company’s business in the territory to grow further.


Total solutions key
“Customers here are very much focused on reducing their operating costs, so our total solution product offer can really support them in increasing their profitability. That is the key to Scania growing in Thailand,” says Dorski.

Dorski is convinced that the new factory will strengthen Scania’s presence in the country.


“The main benefit will be that we will have a greater flexibility in vehicle specifications, which will make it easier for us to meet customers’ demands,” he says.


Demanding reliable trucks
Thai commercial hauliers seem to share Dorski’s enthusiasm. Somwang Kanyapreedakul owns and runs three transport companies. Thaisang Chanthaburi Logistics, Weibo International Transport and Jianghai Kunman Interfreight deliver fruit and vegetables in Thailand and China via Laos. He says reliable trucks are a must for his operations.


“It’s all about time in our business, so the quality of our vehicles is crucial. I invest a lot to ensure my fleets are of the best quality. Then I can estimate and predict the cost of my operations in a much better way.”


Kanyapreedakul expects great things from the new Scania factory in Thailand.


“It will be great for me. Now I will be able to choose from a wide variety of truck specifications. I can have exactly the fleet I need,” he says.


Fierce competition
Bancha Dechjaroensirikul, Managing Director for Porn Vishnu Logistics, transports milled rice in Thailand and Laos. In common with other Thai hauliers, he says competition is fierce.


“We have to go for any transport opportunity we get, however little the profit may be. If I don’t take every opportunity I will lose my company and my job,” he explains.


He feels confident that the new Scania factory will be good for his business.


“Now I don’t need to think twice when buying a new truck. Everything is ready for me here in Thailand. Actually, it feels like the Scania trucks are coming home to me!”