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Scania’s heaviest news – 5-axle V8 S 730

31 JANUARY 2019

Dutch heavy haulage company Te Kloeze-Bruyl has recently taken delivery of one of the first new generation five-axle Scania V8 S 730 tractors following an earlier delivery of a three-axle Scania V8 S 520 tractor.


Te Kloeze-Bruyl was persuaded to switch to Scania by its experience with their Scania engine-equipped Hyundai excavators. “Scania has proven its quality over the years,” says Project Manager Evert Jan van den Berg, Te Kloeze-Bruyl. “The engines are not only very reliable but also highly economical. And that’s highly important for us.”


“We not only monitor the consumption of our trucks and construction machines, but even that of our passenger cars.”


Adapted for heavy haulage

The Scania S 730 is configured as a 10×4*6, which signifies two steered front axles, two driven axles and one steered tag axle. Adapted for heavy haulage, the tractor has a rack behind the cab with fuel tanks, AdBlue tank and trailer hydraulic system. These adaptations are factory-assembled.


The vehicle can thereby load 180 tonnes at a 6-percent slope and 140 tonnes at a 12-percent slope. “That’s important in our work,” explains Van den Berg. “Some our own machinery exceeds 100 tonnes. The power is especially useful in Germany, which we often travel through. Because of extensive road works, we are often forced to take alternative routes. But it’s also nice to have that power at our disposal on motorways and thereby avoid slow crawling.”


Premium driver seat

The cab is no less impressive. Because these transports are usually scheduled for nights, drivers are away from home during long periods. Te Koeze-Bruyl therefore ticked nearly every option box. Drivers can enjoy leather upholstery, a premium driver seat and rotatable passenger seat, an infotainment system with navigation on a 7-inch screen, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and TV. To enhance safety, the company has equipped the truck with a side-view camera system with a quadruple split screen so that the driver at a glance can see four positions around the vehicle.