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Scania bus becomes mobile health centre to fight prostate cancer

14 NOVEMBER 2019

A specially adapted Scania Touring is being used to promote men’s health checks and awareness at Australian construction sites.


Each year, 3,500 Australian men die of prostate cancer. But men’s traditional reluctance to engage with personal health issues means many put off a visit to the doctor that could make all the difference.


Raise awareness of prostate cancer

Now, in a bid to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the importance of more regular general health checks among men, a specially adapted Scania Touring is being used as a mobile health bus in south-eastern Australia.


The project is a partnership between the Australian Prostate Centre and Incolink, which administers redundancy, portable sick leave and income protection insurance schemes for the commercial construction sector in the states of Victoria and Tasmania.


Offering free and confidential health checks

Victoria-based company RoadTrek has fitted the Scania Touring with two fully equipped consulting rooms and a waiting room, which are being staffed by two doctors and a nurse. Funded and run by Incolink, the bus will be visiting construction sites throughout Victoria and Tasmania, offering workers free and confidential health checks, including a prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test that’s designed to detect the early signs of prostate cancer.