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Scania hybrid awarded Sustainable Truck of the Year


In Italy, the Scania L 320 hybrid truck has been awarded Sustainable Truck of the Year in the distribution category. This is Scania’s fourth consecutive victory and confirms its leadership in driving the shift to sustainable transport.


The award is presented by the trade magazine Vado e Torno. “This is not and will not be the ultimate solution for all environmental problems, let alone displace the commonly demonised diesel engine. However, the Scania hybrid now exists and that is anything but a negligible achievement,” says Vado e Torno’s Managing Director Maurizio Cervetto.


Cervetto praises Scania’s approach in offering customers a wide range of alternatives. “Scania lets each customer choose the solution that best fits their operation – from gas to HVO, from biodiesel to bioethanol ­– that all help reduce carbon emissions and aim to make heavy transport more sustainable.”


Scania’s second-generation hybrid truck is available both in plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) versions. It has a Scania 9-liter, 5-cylinder in-line diesel engine that can run on HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) or diesel. This works in parallel with an electric motor capable of delivering 130 kW (177 hp). The vehicle can operate in a fully electric mode up to ten kilometres.


The award recognises sustainability, which includes efficiency, safety and operating economy. The Scania L 320 not only contributes to lower emissions but also to lower noise levels. Additionally, with the L-series’ better visibility, it helps improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists in cities.


“We are extremely proud to receive this award again, which further confirms Scania’s commitment to offering the highest levels of sustainability, both economically and environmentally,” says Franco Fenoglio, Managing Director of Italscania.”