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New gas engine fuelled by your waste

4 MARCH 2019

A new gas engine developed by Scania for power generation can use a completely natural, sustainable and renewable fuel source – your waste.


The most cost-efficient and sustainable production comes from a mixture of gases created by the breakdown of organic matters in liquid waste, sewage sludge and food waste.


With up to 90 percent reduction in C02 emissions, better air quality with less particle emissions and lower operating costs than the equivalent amount of diesel, the sustainability aspects of biogas are also important, and impressive.


Increased interest in gas engines

“This new gas engine is ahead of the curve. We hear more and more from our customers that they are interested in this type of engine and in renewable fuel sources. We are starting to see an increased interest in gas engines across the world, especially in Brazil and Russia,” says Hans Petersson, Global Product Manager Power Generation, Scania Engines.


The Scania V8 16-litre gas engine will run on biogas for power generation purposes. It features output ranges from 320 kW for continuous operating power and can be switched between 1,500 / 1,800 r/min at 360 kW for prime power.


Another step towards sustainability

“This engine is another step towards meeting Scania´s sustainability goals. While customer demand for biogas engines hasn’t fully taken off yet, our customers will learn more about the benefits of this type of engine and in the meantime, we will continue to refine it; perhaps in collaboration with some key customers,” says Petersson.


He believes that early adopters of the biogas engine will include customers who are looking for power generation and who have agricultural or municipal waste in their industries. As a result they will obtain “biogas for free, so they can create their own power.”