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Mining efficiency swiftly assessed by Scania

18 DECEMBER 2019

Within a few hours, Scania Mining can broadly assess the efficiency of most mining operations. Equipped with the portable site assessment kit, the Scania team can tentatively diagnose the operation as the basis for a more thorough examination.


Scania Site Optimisation uses a lean approach to map the customer’s business in order to help customers maximise value, whether it’s to increase revenue, manage risks, or reduce costs.


The standard assessment kit contains two Garmin Virb action cameras – one placed in close proximity to the excavator used to load trucks and one placed on the dashboard of a selected truck. This data is also manually recorded using paper and pen.


Analyses reveals waste in operation

This will show different parameters such as time duration, road conditions, and loading process. The analysis also reveals waste in the operation. Low equipment utilisation, queuing, inappropriate service planning and excess fuel consumption, are examples of some of the factors that adversely affect revenue.


“Within two hours we can obtain a reasonable idea of what the customer’s operation looks like,” says Service Development Manager Ashwith Shetty, Scania Mining. “What is the extent of queuing, and how is the flow balanced?”


The data can also be used by the sales and services team to analyse the right specifications and services for the operations.


Demand-driven output

“By mirroring the current situation of the operation, we not only get necessary information but also generate discussions with the customer about their business,” explains Shetty. “This is what we call a demand-driven output.”


Scania Mining has now established a permanent exhibition space at the company’s Demo Centre in Södertälje, Sweden to demonstrate this approach.


“It’s a mindset. We’re talking about measuring productivity and takt time to increase profitability without affecting the cost situation,” says Business Development Manager Mai Auapinyakul, Scania Mining. “Monitoring tasks in minute cycles, participants themselves load gravel off-road and follow the tipping sequence while their co-workers record progress. We simulate our way of working and conversations with our customers to build their trust in Scania as a partner.”