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How to reach a work-life-balance

12 APRIL 2019

As one of only two Scania accredited experts in project management Bo Andrén has a level of experience that few can match.

Andrén has worked for many years in the automotive industry and knows the business inside out. As a manager, he gained early experience from some of the most world-renowned large car manufacturers and later as a supplier to the industry. He worked internationally for many years. At one point, the work entailed commuting between Sweden and Italy every second week. Andrén worked hard, but it took its toll.

“Working around the clock with daily lunch meetings and a lot of travelling caused harm to my personal life.”

In a new relationship, he decided that he would rather move to Stockholm than endure endless hours of commuting. Scania was his top choice among other job offers. “I’m energetic – I like to see results. That’s why we’re a good match.”


At Scania the employees are its greatest assets

“I’ve always held Scania in high regard, but never really thought I’d end up here.” Scania’s credo that its employees are its greatest assets is something he has experienced first-hand. “You are permitted to try and sometimes fail and even make bad decisions because they are corrected along the way.” These days, he works eight to nine hours and stays focused until 5 o’clock. Then he lets go. ”I never knew this balance in life existed before.”


How to stay on top of things

Managing multiyear global projects as well as being a member of a management group, means that Andrén’s days are hectic. Occasionally, he is expected to attend several meetings simultaneously. Rather than splitting himself in two, he divides responsibilities with his colleagues. Also, nowadays, he knows what to expect at meetings. “I’ll attend and discuss what needs to be handled for as long as it takes before going on to the next meeting.” He also knows how to clear his head. “To stay on top of things, you need to exercise.” Starting at Scania, he decided to go for a run during his lunch hour. Something completely unheard of at other places where he had worked.


Respect for the individual

At Scania, respecting the individual is strongly embraced, which Andrén believes is a great asset. However he acknowledges that it can also cause conflicts if connect with delays in delivering. “We need a balance since we are here to reach our targets.” As a project manager, he’s the one to turn to when teams are drained of ideas or energy. “I never doubt that we’ll succeed with the project.” People, he reasons, come in different shapes and forms. He has learned to appreciate that not everyone thinks the same way as he does.