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Customised Scania coach for elite rugby team

26 MARCH 2019

The new Scania Glory VIP coach will not go unnoticed in Toulouse. Featuring an unparalleled aesthetic with its black and red body painted in the colours of Stade Toulousain, the coach was customised and ordered from Scania and Beulas by Transports Faur – a specialist in passenger transport in Toulouse – and official carrier of Stade Toulousain rugby club.


“We wanted a personalised vehicle,” says their manager Lilian Faur. “This new vehicle offers the very best to the Stade Toulousain team: an exceptional coach that matches the club’s ranking in European rugby.”


Unique customised coach

Based on a three-axle Scania chassis, one of which is a rear steering axle for manoeuvrability, with a 12-speed gearbox and a 490 hp motor, the camber was remodelled to fit the needs of the club.


There are 41 seats in the coach, instead of the standard 73 seats in the basic version, more than 90 centimetres of legroom, and a seat designed with a spacer that gives an extra 10 centimetres to allow for the players’ wide shoulders.


“With their large frames, standing more than 180 centimetres tall and weighing around 100 kilogrammes on average, the chairs are reinforced all the way to their cushions which have been thickened and extended by 6 centimetres,” adds Stéphane Laurent, Commercial Agent, Beulas.


Scania – a partner with custom proposals

As the initiator of this first collaboration between Scania and the Spanish coachbuilder, Lilian Faur says: “I was looking for a unique, high-quality vehicle from partners who could provide me with custom proposals. The Scania chassis is adaptable, the Beulas camber is semi-artisanal and it has a Spanish design that I particularly like. ”

“I was looking for a unique, high-quality vehicle from partners who could provide me with custom proposals.”  – Lilian Faur, manager at Transports Faur.


The new customised Scania Glory VIP coach:

  • A Grand Tourer vehicle
  • 14.60 metres long
  • 3.90 metres tall
  • Engine: 13 litres at 490 HP
  • Luxury amenities such as coffee machine, WIFI, TVs, USB ports, square table with eight seats, fridges, private lounge, ice machines, bolstered seating.

Transports Faur:

  • EUR 6.1 million turnover, including EUR 200,000 from Stade Toulousain
  • 80 employees, (80 per cent of whom work full-time)
    - 80 vehicles, including 30 from Scania
    - Activity- Schools 55 per cent, Tourism 45 per cent