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The friends chose different paths, but both led to Scania

30 OCTOBER 2018

Johannes Nyberg and his friend Anes Sestic are both trainees at Scania, but they have chosen different paths. While Johannes is on the Scania Engineer Program, Anes picked the Scania Global Champion Trainee Program. To Anes,  there’s been a family feeling here, right from the start.

Johannes Nyberg and Anes Sestic got to know each other while they were studying mechanical engineering in Lund. Now both Scania trainees, they have chosen two different paths.

The Scania Global Champion Trainee Program (SGCTP) is for engineering and economics graduates, systems analysts or individuals with a masters in human resources management, who have recently completed their studies.

The Scania Engineer Program (SEP), which is designed for fresh engineering graduates, provides a thorough introduction to the Scania’s business and corporate culture.

Participants on both programmes are guaranteed a permanent job at Scania.

Why did you pick SEP, Johannes?

“First of all, a trainee programme gives you a real boost in the world of work. There aren’t many people who get this kind of opportunity to build up a vast network of contacts throughout Scania in just 10 months. Compared with SGCTP, on SEP there is a more intense focus on technology, which suits me. I feel that it’s here that you can build some firm foundations for the future.”

And why did you choose SGCTP, Anes?

“I don’t want to specialise; I’d rather work with a broader perspective and then take on roles later on that entail leadership and the development of processes and people. That’s why I felt that this particular trainee programme would suit me well.”

Anes reveals that the real determining factor in his decision was the response he got to a particular question that he addressed to all of the companies he had been interested in.

“I asked the same question during every interview: ‘Can you laugh a real belly laugh when you are at work?’ ” I found that in many places I visited, I didn’t get a sincere answer from people. But at Scania, the response was really warm. Scania is a big global enterprise, but the added extra that it offers was the feeling I had that day.”

The pair have now been at Scania for two months. Both had a good impression of the company before they came on board, and yet they still feel that their expectations have been exceeded.

“It feels great,” says Johannes. “Scania has already done a lot for us, giving   presentations for us and putting us on courses… The company even arranged my entire move from Lund to Stockholm. That’s what I call taking care of your employees! I really feel that Scania is prepared to invest in us.”

Anes agrees. “We get to meet very senior people who may well have other things to do, but who take the time to talk to us for an hour or so. The atmosphere is very familiar here – and it has been, right from the start. Everyone always says ‘Just send me an e-mail or pop by if you’re wondering about anything.’ ”

Johannes’ had requested a placement within electrification, which he got. He is now working in this domain as a Development and Design Engineer. During the course of SEP, he will work in purchasing and project management as well, which he had also been hoping for.

He cites the culture of openness at Scania as one of the reasons why he is so happy here.

“When you are new to the company, you are completely lost in the beginning. But at Scania, your colleagues tend to offer you so much help and support. Everyone is very open and makes sure that you are happy. That’s important to me!”

While Anes’ home base is purchasing, SGCTP also entails job rotation, with participants being sent to a variety of departments and also spending a period overseas.

“Job rotation allows me to gain a broad view of things,” says Anes. “You don’t get the opportunity to do that if you go straight into a normal job. Even if I am working in purchasing now and my assignments are linked to purchasing, I know a bit about how things work in Research and Development and what’s going on in Logistics or Sales and Marketing.”

So how have things turned out, Anes? Do you ever laugh a belly laugh at Scania?

“Every day!”