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Swiss haulier praises new Scania R 500’s fuel consumption

30 MARCH 2018

Long-time Scania customer Beat Bürgin could not quite believe the fuel figures for his recently-acquired new generation R 500. The bottom line showed that that the new truck consumed 16.5 percent less fuel than the older R 490, an annual saving of 6,400 euros.

“There’s a world of difference between the old and new,” says Bürgin. “Although these trucks are only a few years apart, the difference in fuel consumption is a huge step forward.”

Easier freewheeling: “Scania has done its homework”

The Swiss haulage company Bürgin Transport compared the fuel consumption of its two trucks from summer to late autumn 2017. Both are fitted with Euro 6 engines, with similar aftertreatment systems.

With similar climatic conditions, air conditioning and heating are used in the same manner. The vehicles also use identical tyres and the covered distances are the same. The vehicles are deployed for the same operations, to the same customers along the same routes. Bürgin Transport’s trucks have daily deliveries to between four and seven locations in German-speaking Switzerland and southern Germany to Frankfurt.

“I think Scania has done its homework and the new truck is definitely a massive leap forward. I’m really thrilled by the freewheeling features. Considering the entire driving mode, we’re looking at 25 percent in a freewheeling mode, which saves fuel. This is surely due to the new gearbox which enables disengagement and makes freewheeling easier.”

Reliable Scania trucks

Bürgin Transport was founded by Beat’s father Edouard in 1972 when he bought his first truck. The company presently has some 25 trucks in operation. Its main business is in transports of agricultural goods but is also engaged in logistics for the pharmaceutical industry as well as general cargo operations.

“Being Swiss you naturally grow up with the now-defunct Saurer trucks. After their demise in the early 1980s, we had to seek a replacement. With Scania, we’ve found a good or even better alternative. Since we have been operating Scania, we have not once had to replace an engine, gearbox or rear axle. This makes it a reliable product for us and plan accordingly.”

“Now the trucks are even more comfortable”

Driver Willi Haug is equally enthusiastic: “I’ve been driving Scania trucks for the last 20 years and I’m very happy with them. The trucks have developed enormously over the past few years. They’re strong, powerful and economical and now the trucks are even more comfortable.”

Asked whether he has changed his driving style in view of the astonishing fuel savings, Haug vehemently denies being complicit. “The way I drive is always the same. Why change anything? I’ve been on the road for 40 years now and am used to my way of driving, which has always served me well.”

Meanwhile, company owner Bürgin is looking forward to expanding his fleet with more fuel misers. “This model has delivered large savings but we’ve also observed big savings in comparison with competitors. That’s why we are committed to the new model and to Scania as a brand.”