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Scania's most northerly situated workshop

15 NOVEMBER 2019

The workshop in Kiruna is not only Scania’s newest but also amongst its most northerly situated, lying 144 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. With the modern facilities, workshop technicians are no longer forced to work outdoors because of cramped conditions in freezing temperatures down to -30°.

The workshop building has seven doors and contains three complete bays and one smaller bay. In keeping with the latest ergonomic standards, the workshop lacks pits and instead has hoists capable of lifting 35-tonne trucks. “The workshop has been constructed according to the Scania standard with careful consideration throughout. It’s clear that those behind the concept have really thought through every aspect,” says Workshop Manager Bobby Nilsson.

Bobby Nilsson and his team of six service technicians are delighted to be working in a modern environment. “We’ve suffered from poor conditions for years and now look forward to gaining market shares here.”


Kiruna is at the centre of Sweden’s iron ore mining operations – daily extracting 75,000 tonnes from the 1.3-kilometre deep mine. “Although we don’t have many Scania trucks actually operating underground, the whole economy surrounding the mining operating is booming.”


A major contributing factor is that large parts of the city are presently being moved to accommodate continued mining operations. Plenty of roads, infrastructure and buildings are now being constructed as a new Kiruna takes shape.


With the new workshop, the Norrlandsbil dealer expect to service the many trucks that are flocking to the area. “We can also service long-distance tractors and trailers from nearby Norway, which we weren’t able to do in our previous premises.”