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Scania main sponsor of the Sweden Arena at the Winter Olympics

13 FEBRUARY 2018

Scania’s backing of the Sweden Arena at the Winter Olympics is a project that resonates with our company values.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are upon us and Scania is involved in a very interesting—and highly sustainable—project during the games.


Scania is the main sponsor of the Sweden Arena, the Swedish hospitality house in the Nations Village. It’s a little corner of Sweden for Swedish Olympians, officials, Swedish fans and fans of Sweden while the Winter Olympics take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Sweden Arena sponsorship is “natural fit” for Scania

The hospitality house is a flexible, temporary and modular structure that can be assembled and disassembled up to 30 times, anywhere around the world. Indeed, it’s the third time that this sustainable building has been used by Sweden, having previously featured at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and the 2017 Americas Cup in Bermuda.

Erik Ljungberg, Senior Vice President Corporate Relations, Scania, says, “With Scania’s commitment to driving the shift towards sustainable transport, our sponsorship of the Sweden Arena is a natural fit for us, and also serves as an ideal way to highlight our growing presence in South Korea, and Asia.”


Anna Lundin, Marketing and Communications Director for Sweden’s Olympic Committee, adds, “We are very happy to have Scania’s support for the Sweden Arena. The pavilion is the result of our partnerships with strong Swedish companies and brands, including Scania, and it highlights the values of innovation and sustainability which we believe are an ideal representation of Sweden today.”

Scandinavian design and minimal environmental footprint

Scandinavian design and sustainability are at the core of the building’s design. Consisting of timber columns made of oak, with steel columns and laminated glass, the house is very well-insulated from the elements, as well as being sound-resistant according to the European Passive House standard.


When it comes to packing up and moving on to the next venue, there is a minimal footprint left behind. The building has a specially-designed substructure that can be set up on any type of surface, be it sand, bedrock, gravel or grass. And, best of all, once it finishes its worldwide tour the hospitality house will become a home for someone to live in.


Hopefully by the time it completes its Korean stay, the Sweden Arena will have been a site of much celebration and great memories.