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Scania has delivered 26 buses to Norwegian operator Boreal Buss

17 APRIL 2018

Scania has just delivered 26 new buses to Norwegian operator Boreal Buss. The buses will be in traffic in the Narvik area, which lies approximately 210 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Boreal operates bus, tram and ferry lines throughout Norway, with a bus fleet of nearly 1,000 vehicles.

The delivery includes 16 Scania A30, four Scania Citywide LE Suburban, three Scania Citywide LE, two Scania Interlink HD and one Scania Interlink LD. All buses offer free wi-fi. “This is a very happy day,” said Area Manager Ivar Morton Eriksen, Boreal Buss. “For us, it’s Christmas and Easter wrapped in one. It’s an advantage for us to have one single brand to relate to. We’re also in the same premises as Scania here in Narvik, which is an another great advantage.”

Bus driver Leif Edvardsen is looking forward to his new working environment: “We’re all pleased to start operating these buses and that Scania was selected. We have great confidence in their buses.”