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Scania Fleet Management system gives Hong Kong operator a competitive edge

14 MARCH 2018

With a fleet of 200 coaches, Eternal East Cross-Border Coach (E&E) is one of the major operators in Hong Kong. With this many vehicles, effectively managing the fleet is challenging.

Previously, individual drivers themselves submitted vehicle performance information, with the inherent risk of incomplete and inaccurate reporting. With increasing customer demand for better cross-border coach services, competition among operators has increased. E&E recognised that using innovative technology was key to enhancing competitiveness.

“We realised that it was essential to introduce innovative solutions to enhance our competitiveness,” says Vivian Lee, Assistant General Manager, Eternal East Cross-Border Coach. “By collecting a large amount of data for an intelligent analysis, we can improve our operating economy and bring our services to the next level.”

A solution for the future

E&E has therefore implemented company-wide usage of the Scania Fleet Management system. Recently, implementation been expanded also to coaches that were taken into service prior to 2011 when the system became standard for every new vehicle.

Scania Hong Kong’s operating economy specialists regularly meet with E&E fleet managers to analyse data and suggest potential improvements. These can include customised driver training according to needs and route modifications to improve vehicle efficiency and operating economy. The data is also beneficial for E&E’s future route planning and business development.