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Scania buses and coaches on the world’s longest bridge

25 OCTOBER 2018

Most travellers on the newly-inaugurated Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge, the world’s longest sea crossing bridge, will use the buses and coaches that provide a 24-hour service, with departures every few minutes. Scania is supplying many of these buses and coaches, including 120 shuttle buses and at least 55 coaches.

Scania has delivered the shuttle buses to be operated on the bridge by the Guang Dong (HZM). A total of 120 buses built in cooperation with Higer will be supplied over a 12-month period.

On the first day of bridge operations, the first 40 buses started transporting passengers between Hong Kong and Macao. Since the shuttle buses operate 24/7, Scania is providing a total service package for HZM to ensure maximum availability.

“The level of support being offered by Scania meets our aim of entrusting experts to maintain the buses,” says Zhang Guang You, Chairman of HZM. “That allows us to focus on our business of providing the highest levels of service commitment to our customers.”

For passengers who wish to travel farther afield, at least 55 Scania coaches with bodywork from Marcopolo, as well as from other local Hong Kong bodybuilders, will be a regular sight on the bridge. These coaches will provide direct services to destinations that are beyond the boundary crossings served by the shuttle buses.

The $20-billion bridge connecting Hong Kong and Macau to the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai was opened to traffic on 24 October. Travel between Hong Kong and Zhuhai/Macau boundary crossing points is 42 kilometres and together with the link roads the bridge totals 55 kilometres in length.