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Meyer drives cleaner, quieter 7-litre engine

4 JUNE 2018

As a specialist in the transport of temperature-sensitive goods in urban areas, Meyer Logistik has been operating the new generation Scania P 280 for more than a year. “It´s so quiet, customers keep asking if it´s all-electric,” says Fleet Manager Andreas Wurda.

The family business, based in the German Rhine-Main region, has a reputation for being an innovator in distribution logistics for food retailers, and was chosen as the test customer for Scania’s new 7-litre engine.

Leading in innovation

Meyer relies on innovative engines and vehicle technologies for its day-to-day operations.

“We invest in innovation to be at the forefront of our business,” says Wurda. “With the new 7-litre engine in this new Scania truck, we get vehicles which are quieter and pollute less. We use them especially on routes where there are restrictions, for example with early-morning deliveries in city centres.  The driver takes this vehicle then, because it is quieter. The drivers can work in peace without disturbing people. It is as simple as that.”

Scania 7-litre engine lightens the load

With Scania´s new, lighter P 280, Meyer has improved both fuel consumption and payload in its urban operations. The company´s credo is to transport as many goods as possible in a single vehicle via the shortest possible route. This requires a high degree of coordination and a modern fleet of many different vehicles.

According to Wurda, the company operates around 1,200 trucks, about a thousand of which are in Germany. And with such a large fleet, the potential to reduce emissions through engine and fleet optimisation is enormous.

Investing in a sustainable future

“As a fleet manager of Meyer Transport, I´m highly satisfied with the new Scania vehicle and the new engine, because it is so much quieter and cleaner.”

For Meyer, being an innovation leader is about more than just business. “In the future life will only be possible if we produce fewer emissions,” he says. “So, it´s definitely very important for us to invest in innovation and take responsibility.”