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Meet Scania’s “superheroes”

22 AUGUST 2018

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and five Scania truck drivers from Busan in South Korea strive to live up to that maxim.

Iron Man and Superman are just two of the superhero names that can be seen emblazoned across the fronts of certain Scania cabs in South Korea. “We are the heroes of Scania!” says one driver, Kangsoo Choi, by way of explanation.

Our heroes are five Korean truck drivers who met through the Griffin Family, the biggest Scania truck community in Busan. They help each other along the road, enjoying the strong bond of friendship that has developed between them.

“We all transport cargo,” says fellow driver and hero Seunghyun Song. “And except for Jungho Bae, who transports metal panels with a flatbed trailer, we all handle containers.”

Song says that it’s perhaps because they are all of a similar age that they get along so well. That and their shared love of superhero culture.

Standing out from the crowd

Choi was the first to adopt a superhero name: a move that started a trend among other drivers. “There was no special reason for it,” says Choi. “I just wanted to stand out from the crowd and have a different truck from everyone else.

“And then, just as I was going to attach a sticker with ‘Super’ on it, the Scania salesman suggested I include a Superman symbol.” Choi’s friends soon got in on the act. Now their trucks can be clearly recognised from a distance. “It also bonds us closely together,” he says.

Still, not all the drivers have given themselves superhero names. Jungho Bae decided to stick to his own name because he didn’t wish to sound grandiose, preferring to create his own brand. Somehow, he says, having his name on his truck brings him closer to the vehicle. “This is more meaningful to me as it gives me the feeling that this is my own truck,” he says.

As true fans of Scania, the heroes list the many reasons for their attraction to the brand: “The air suspension on the front axle appeals to me most among the many other attractive features of Scania,” says Kwangmin Lee. “Scania is the one and only truck brand that offers this on its standard trucks besides the custom-made ones.”

All five drivers agree that Scania provides good standard features compared with the other brands in a similar price range.

Praise for trucks’ durability and driver comfort

Lee adds, “I also praise Scania for the durability of its trucks. If driving, loading and unloading are included, we stay in our trucks for an average of 15 to 20 hours per day, so we consider driver comfort to be extremely important and Scania trucks provide perfect driver comfort. I feel less vibration from the truck when I drive on unpaved roads or over speed bumps as air suspension controls the shocks. I feel less fatigue and less overall impact on my body.”

Both Song and Choi are fans of Scania’s V8 engine, something that no other brand offers today. “The power of the engine is outstanding,” says Song.

Bae thinks that Scania beats them all. “It’s superior to my previous trucks in terms of everything, including durability, fuel efficiency and drivability. Scania’s parts supplies are good, but best of all, the excellent durability of its vehicles dramatically reduces my visits to the workshop for repairs.”

Satisfied with Scania’s blockbuster service

Choi adds that Scania’s services always keep customers satisfied. “Kind, highly skilled service technicians are there to serve customers. When I used to visit the other brands’ workshops, they would ask me for technical advice. Time is money for a trucker, so a long period of downtime leads to a huge loss. Scania offers swift check-ups and excellent troubleshooting. That is just irresistible, isn’t it?”

Looking ahead, the Scania heroes are planning a short trip together. Owing to their tight schedules, it’s not easy to fix a date, but they are considering a trip to a city near the coast. “We will pack up and leave when the warm season comes,” says Choi.

“There will be so much noise and laughter during the trip, it will be just like a superhero blockbuster movie!”