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How the Scania Global Champion Trainee Program kick-started Yelena’s career

17 DECEMBER 2018

Yelena Ivanova was looking for a trainee scheme that would kick-start her career, and the Scania Global Champion Trainee Program seemed to be just what she’d been looking for. Now, as far as she can tell, the sky’s the limit.

Yelena Ivanova, who has a degree from Stockholm School of Economics, heard about the trainee programme from a friend who was working at Scania.

“I discovered that this was a programme with a long tradition, and that many people in key positions at Scania have been trainees themselves,” says Yelena.

The Scania Global Champion Trainee Program is a cross-functional collaborative scheme within the TRATON GROUP, and it aims to give candidates a comprehensive understanding of a diverse organisation. Participants are employed from day one, and the programme enables them to alternate between practical work and theory, giving them a chance to gain useful contacts and develop a broad level of competence.

The programme provides the trainee with the network and knowledge necessary to become a future leader in a global organisation.

“I wanted to join a trainee scheme that would allow me to get to know a company as a whole, broaden my perspective and help me to understand the big picture,” says Yelena.

Profile picture of Yelena Ivanova ScaniaHow the Scania Global Champion Trainee Program kick-started Yelena’s career

What did you find appealing about Scania?

“The transportation industry is going through a transformation, fuelled by new technologies and higher environmental demands worldwide. I was very interested in working for a company that sets ambitious targets to meet the global customer demands and expectations.”

Yelena realised early on in the programme that she had made the perfect choice.

“The company aims to equip you with knowledge and skills that enable you to realise your full potential.”

To Yelena, the fact that Scania shared her views on sustainability was important.

“Companies should take responsibility for protecting our planet and conducting ethical business. It’s good to see that Scania prepares for the future on many fronts. Having seen what my colleagues are working on, and how the management highlights the importance of sustainability, I believe in the mission of the company. This further motivates me in my daily work.”

Trainees are also given the chance to gain a truck driving license: an opportunity that Yelena considers invaluable.

“Gaining practical experience of dealing with the product is very important for understanding the business,” says Yelena. “It will help us to make the right business decisions in the future.”

In addition to all the experience and knowledge the programme has given her, she has also made 25 new friends.

“From day one, you become a proud member of the trainee family,” she says. “In my trainee group we are very close and still keep in touch. This sense of community is really unique. You join the company at the same time as 25 other people, and you share a very memorable experience together.”

From the start, Yelena valued the fact that the trainee programme would guarantee her a job at Scania.

“Knowing that you will stay employed at Scania after the programme is finished gives you a sense of security,” she says. “You can focus solely on learning as much as possible and growing your network. What’s also great is that right from the start you have a department that is your home base.”

She thinks that participating in the trainee programme can open a lot of doors in the future.

“You learn a lot in a short period of time by working on interesting questions and diverse strategic projects. It is a great foundation for a career within this company and industry. Once you’ve completed a programme like this, the sky’s the limit!”