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First Scania gas-powered version of XT delivered to Belgium

8 OCTOBER 2018

The first gas-powered truck in Scania’s new XT range for construction applications has been delivered to the Belgian city of Hasselt. The Scania P 340 4×2 hooklift truck for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) was selected by the municipal council due to its lower emissions.

“CNG ensures lower carbon emissions, but what is even more important in urban environments is that this truck emits 95 percent fewer particles, unlike its diesel counterparts,” says Joost Venken, Councillor for Environment and Sustainability. “In addition to the health benefits, CNG is also considerably cheaper to operate.”

CNG truck meets Hasselt’s clean fleet objectives

Hasselt is keen to invest in a cleaner vehicle fleet, and the Scania truck fits right in. “At the moment, CNG is the most sustainable choice we can make. Electric trucks that meet requirements are not yet available in Belgium,” adds Michel Froidmont, Hasselt’s Councillor for Infrastructure and Public Works.

Venken is keen to emphasise that both Hasselt and the surrounding Limburg Province is at the forefront by operating a non-diesel vehicle with the same manoeuvrability performance.

“There is no compromise on power, and compared with electric vehicles, CNG refuelling is considerably faster. Scania’s gas engines can also run equally well on biogas in the future, so we can continue to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.”