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Dutch horse power for ultimate comfort

10 JUNE 2019

With the new flat floor S-series cab, Scania takes driver comfort to a new level.


Dutch horse truck supplier Anemone has taken advantage of this spaciousness to offer the ultimate in luxury for all passengers, including its equestrian travellers.

Accommodating up to seven horses, accompanying drivers and riders will enjoy air conditioning throughout, a sitting area with leather seats, a bathroom with shower, a fully equipped kitchen, a good-sized bed and ample storage.


“We decided to build on the S-cab since this is the latest model on the market and Scania has a very good reputation,” says Sales Director Stefan van Kooten, Anemone Horse Trucks.

The company has built horse trucks both on the Scania S 500 and the more powerful S 580 V8 chassis. “Frankly, with a total weight not exceeding 23 tonnes, the V8 isn’t absolutely necessary but our customers appreciate the V8 image.”