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Customised Scania truck with hi-fi system

30 APRIL 2018

Meet Lars Holmström, the ace of bass who helps drivers rock as they roll.

Swedish owner-driver Magnus Persson has just invested in a new Scania R 410. Although the truck comes equipped with the latest technology, Persson will not be fully satisfied until he’s added a state-of-the-art hi-fi system. So, before heading off to the bodybuilder, he makes a detour to his ‘sound guy’.


“Although Scania’s sound system is good, you always want something better, especially since you’re in the cab all day,” he says. “And you can always outdo other drivers; well, it’s fun to tease them.”

Master Hi-Fi builder

Persson has turned to Lars Holmström, a master hi-fi builder based in the Swedish town of Borlänge. They’ve met at the Scania workshop in town where Holmström and his colleague Christoffer Wikström have planned a full day’s work dismantling parts of the interior to make room for better sounds.


BRL Electronics’ technician Lars Holmström has worked with sound equipment for his entire 26-year working life. When he started getting requests for sound systems in trucks, he developed his own designs.


“What’s special about trucks is the lack of space, and drivers need the available space for storage,” says Holmström. “It’s a question of obtaining the full benefit of limited equipment while ensuring that it sounds good.”

We need more bass

Drivers often contact Holmström with requests for better bass sounds. “That’s the most common complaint; that the bass speakers are weak. Usually, when drivers have listened to better bass speaker, they’re prepared to upgrade the entire sound system.”


Holmström tries out and thoroughly verifies different designs in his workshop before actually drilling into the customer cabs to install the equipment.


“That’s what I aim for – unique and adapted solutions for each brand while ensuring that they are as compact as possible.”


Magnus Persson can now enjoy many hours on the road listening to music.


“Sound quality is important but so is volume. The new generation Scania is really comfortable and with good music you get the best for the best.”