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Choose the right truck with Scania’s Guided Offering service

27 MARCH 2018

With vehicle options increasing, choosing the right truck is increasingly challenging. Scania’s Guided Offering service takes the hassle out of the process, ensuring customers end up with a highly efficient solution. 

Data collected from more than 300,000 vehicles shows that Scania owners are among the most knowledgeable operators in the transport sector. But as technology rapidly evolves, even Scania owners could end up with vehicles that don’t meet their needs. For example, an operator who is keen to save fuel, might be better served by a slightly different powertrain.

That’s why Scania recently introduced a Guided Offering service. The goal of the service is to ensure that Scania buyers end up with vehicles that are properly suited to their needs. “We have introduced more and more customer options in recent years and this had made choosing a vehicle more complex,” says Guided Offering Concept Manager Johan Nyström. “So, the Guided Offering service is really about simplifying the process for the customer and using Scania’s modular system to tailor a vehicle to their needs.”

Data from connected vehicles

Nyström explains that the service involves analysing operational conditions and then cross-referencing this with engine, gear and equipment combinations recommended by Scania’s R&D department. Where a customer has previously owned and operated a Scania vehicle there will be data, including details of topography, road conditions, gross train weight, cruising speed, and start-and-stop frequency, that can be easily downloaded from the Scania workshop database. “For trucks up to ten years old, we can import operational data and see how the truck has been used, and then base the new specification on that rather than the standard model,” says Nyström.

Identify key focus areas

Nyström says customers are also asked to identify their key focus area – fuel efficiency, driveability or payload. “If fuel efficiency is important, we can suggest options that reduce fuel consumption involving the powertrain and aerodynamics. If it’s payload, we look at the components that are sensible to work with to reduce the weight. And then we try to show consequences when it comes to weight, fuel consumption and driveability.”

While many customers have an expectation of the vehicle they need, the Guided Offering service can provide a new perspective. “If a customer comes back and says ‘I want the same vehicle as three years ago, it’s very easy to provide the same vehicle,’’ says Nyström. “But we want to question that a bit. We want to ask if this is the best vehicle for them. We may be able to say, ‘you can save a lot of money over the period you own the vehicle if you go with this powertrain instead’.”

Expanded to all applications in Europe

After initially being offered to customers purchasing long-haul vehicles, the Guided Offering service is now being offered across all vehicle sectors across Europe. As the next generation of Scania truck is rolled out internationally, it is expected that the Guided Offering service will follow with it. Choosing a Scania truck is about to become a lot easier and even more enjoyable than before.