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A model truck collection inspired by Scania


Brazilian Anderson Ramos has a cherished model vehicle collection, inspired by a Scania truck.

In 1978, during the XI Automotive Show in São Paulo, Brazil, Scania launched its new LK 141 truck line, introducing a new concept for heavy-load transportation. Years later, this legend of the road would inspire in a five-year-old boy, Anderson Ramos, an enduring fascination with all things automotive.


It all began for Ramos when he was given a present of a miniature of the famous and powerful Scania LK 141, as featured in the popular Brazilian TV series ‘Carga Pesada’. There was also a transport connection in the family: Ramos’ uncle and godfather were both bus drivers, and the boy sometimes went with them on trips to the city of Sorocaba, travelling in an iconic Blue Arrow Comet bus that was powered by a 360 hp Scania engine.

Anderson Ramos has been a truck enthusiast since he was 5 years old.

A model truck collection with a story

Since those childhood days, Ramos’ passion for transport has only increased and he now has a treasured collection of miniature vehicles, which includes Scania buses and trucks. Some are quite rare, and some are definitely not available for purchase; but each piece in the collection has a cherished story.


Today, at 40 years old, Ramos still nurtures the spirit of his five-year-old self and, with other miniature fans, founded the Truck-Modelling Stretch Team. The group assembles little electric trucks on a 1:14 scale, and the models are impressive, with rich details such as engine sound, lighting and fixtures, as well as radio operation. The team keeps growing, and it recently gathered together with 31 model trucks, mostly Scanias.

Anderson Ramos, today 40 years old, with the full-sized commemorative contemporary truck.

Scania miniatures are a big hit with the public

Ramos was also present at Scania’s 60th anniversary party in São Paulo in July 2017. “I had the honour and privilege of being part of Scania’s history by taking my miniature truck to the celebration of their 60 Years in Brazil,” he says. “The truck was a huge success among children and adults alike. Everyone stopped by to take pictures.”


The collector’s most recent project is the first radio-controlled replica of the Scania 113 Special Edition truck, made to a 1:14 scale. According to Ramos, his sky-blue Scania miniature, with its characteristic pink and purple stripes, grabs people’s attention everywhere it goes.


“We have taken part in many events, and this miniature has always let people know that Scania is represented. It is very well thought of,” he says.

Six of the electric Scania truck replicas.