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Scania’s CrewCab is tailored for emergency assignments


Scania’s new CrewCab is full of new features. No compromises on quality have been made; it is a worthy member of the Scania modular system. Since it is a cab that will mainly be used by firefighters it has been specifically tailored for emergency assignments, keeping both ergonomics and safety in mind.


As befits a vehicle mainly intended for use by emergency services, the safety and well-being of crew members have been overriding considerations in the development of the new Scania CrewCab. As with any other truck developed by Scania, the CrewCab has undergone extensive crash tests. And for extra safety, there is an option where the crew using the truck will be protected by up to four side-curtain airbags.


The new CrewCab accommodates as many as eight passengers. Among the new additions are the Scania City Safe Window and a high air intake, both of which are available directly from the factory, as well as larger fuel tanks. “It is a real cab, not an elongated ordinary cab,” says Product Manager Teodor Severinsson.


Custom-made specs

Scania is also making custom-made solutions available; the Scania CrewCab can be ordered with any version of the DC09 and DC13 engine, and it is possible to combine it with a range of gearboxes, including Scania Opticruise or automatic transmissions. “The most important thing to remember is the freedom to choose, that the vehicle can be adapted, meeting the demands of a customer,” Severinsson says.


Like the other Scania cabs, the rear doors on the Scania CrewCab have several stop notches and open to a full 85 degrees. Boarding is staircase-like, with either a fixed or retractable lower step, and anyone who needs to get in and out of the cab will appreciate an easy climb and a low cab floor, making the entrance and exit both safe and quick and improving efficiency in the daily work.


“The handles in the doors are new and are a welcome addition, not least when wearing heavy clothing or breathing equipment,” explains Severinsson. “It makes it so much easier to hold on to the handle when getting out of the cab in a rush.” The boarding step area and the ground around it are clearly lit when a rear door is opened for entry or exit.


“World-class comfort”

A separate climate system with its own heating is available for the crew area. “The new climate system is easily controlled from the crew area and ensures that the new Scania CrewCab provides world-class transportation and comfort,” says Severinsson.


All in all, the benefits of the new features are that the crew arrives fully prepared for the task at hand. And it could also be said that by making it safe and making it great, the new Scania CrewCab will help to save lives.


Equipped for the crew’s safety

The new Scania CrewCab features:

  • Accommodation for up to eight passengers
  • City Safe Window
  • High air intake
  • Rear doors that open to a full 85 degrees
  • New handles in the doors



  • Up to four side-curtain airbags
  • DC09 or DC13 engine
  • Scania Opticruise
  • Automatic transmission