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Scania XT stands for robustness and tough work


In a sealed-off gravel pit and quarry on an island close to Stockholm, Sweden, three of Scania’s construction industry customers were invited for a secret test drive of the new XT construction range. After some rigorous testing, their verdict was unanimous: “This is the future!”


Neither Johan Åkerhag, owner of Stockholms Transport & Schakt, nor Jonas and Cecilia Nordin, who run Nordins Åkeri, would call themselves competitors. They are experienced entrepreneurs, who see themselves more as colleagues working with similar construction operations in different parts of an expanding Stockholm region. Gravel and sand are at the core of what they do.

They have similar experiences, have similar needs and make similar demands of their vehicles and transport solutions. It’s essential that their vehicles are as reliable and available for work as possible. Both companies have the Scania Repair and Maintenance contract, which gives them full coverage for contingencies and expenses. A fixed amount each month covers upcoming maintenance and allows them to focus on their business and customers.


“We need reliable trucks”


For Johan Åkerhag, reliability is fundamental.


“I’ve got 14 vehicles that are used in day-to-day work. I only run my business during daytime hours, so my vehicles have to be serviced and maintained when they are not operating. That means in the evenings or at night. That’s important, as both my customers and revenue fail if the vehicles don’t run all day long. We cannot compensate for lost time by driving in the evenings or doing night shifts. But with Scania as my partner, things are working really well and going according to plan.”


Cecilia Nordin agrees:


“In our business we need reliable trucks, with as little downtime as possible. The Scania trucks we have today are incredibly reliable, and we always get support immediately if something does happen.”


Entering the sealed-off quarry to start the test drive, Åkerhag says he will be focusing on the driveability of the new construction vehicles. “To me, the trucks should cope well, even in the toughest terrain. My business needs robust and rough trucks, with a decent ground clearance,” he explains.


The importance of comfort 


Until the test, Cecilia and Jonas Nordin have not had the opportunity to experience the cab interior of the new truck generation which Scania launched last year. They are keen to start testing their new workplace.


“Comfort is important for us, as we are spending long days in the cabs,” says Jonas Nordin. “You should enjoy your cab, and the truck should be easy to handle.”


Some hours, many miles and a lot of dust clouds later, the three test drivers gather to give their verdict. They are all elated.


“Scania has taken yet another step forward”


So, will the Scania XT range be the next heavyweight champion in the construction business?


“I think it would be great to have this new Scania XT for my operations,” says Åkerhag. “The robustness is exactly what’s needed in our business. And despite the sturdiness it’s so easy to drive and control, fast in the gears, comfortable –and silent. The quality of the truck stirs up a lot of positive emotions. The new ‘clutch on demand’ version of Scania Opticruise is a great improvement when driving hook-lift. My feeling is that Scania has taken yet another step forward with these new trucks.”


Jonas Nordin is as happy as a clam at high tide, and can’t contain his excitement:


“The comfort is awesome! The driving conditions here today were really tough, but it was still an extremely fine performance. And it’s so silent!”


Faster, smoother gearchanging 


Cecilia Nordin adds, “I never thought it would be possible to work in a heavy construction vehicle with the feeling that you are driving a luxurious passenger car. But here it is. For me, the comfort will definitely change the way people do construction work!” Cecilia says, before she is interrupted by Jonas Nordin.

“With these new trucks, I think Scania will be unbeatable among heavy vehicle manufacturers. I believe this is the future!”


All three praise the updated Scania Opticruise.


“The new gearchanging feels much faster than before, which is good news when I’m driving up hills. It’s so smooth, even when the hill is really steep,” Åkerhag explains.


“The technology has really moved forward. I’m looking forward to working with this new truck in the near future. The gearchanging is so smooth – that was really impressive,” says Cecilia Nordin.


Her partner agrees.


“The gearbox, with the new off-road mode and the new ‘clutch on demand’ will make my life a lot easier”, says Jonas Nordin.


“A real ‘piggy bank’ for us”


Even though none of the three customers had time for a more comprehensive comparison of fuel consumption, they agree that the lower consumption of this new generation construction trucks will be essential for their businesses.


“Some of my trucks are rolling for more than 100,000 kilometres per year. So, it’s not too complicated to figure out what even small improvements in fuel consumption can mean for an operator like me,” explains Åkerhag.


“Fuel consumption is the only cost we, as a transport company, really can influence,” adds Cecilia Nordin. “If we can reduce the fuel costs we can increase our profitability.”


And Jonas Nordin is going home happy after his day of driving in the quarry.


“This new construction truck will definitely strengthen our partnership with Scania. We will invest in several of them as soon as possible. It’s the future for us. If we can combine lower fuel consumption with more robustness and reliability, I think this new truck could be a real ‘piggy bank’ for us.”


  • Scania XT stands for robustness and tough work.
  • The XT design can be combined with all cabs and engines.
  • Several day and sleeper cabs in R, G and P versions with different roof heights.
  • Axles, frames and wheel suspensions for challenging conditions.
  • Clutch pedal for Scania Opticruise – but only where necessary.
  • Electric parking brake one of many examples of new options.
  • Scania’s focus on tailor-made solutions for each application increases uptime and the earning capacity of construction.