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Scania Site Optimisation in India

24 MAY 2017

Underneath the hot sun and haze, a team from Scania Mining and the customer, VPR Mining Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., are working with an ongoing Scania Site Optimisation Project – a framework of tools, methods, and information to improve mining transport operations – at the coal mine Jayant in Singrauli in the Indian state of Madhya Predesh, five hours drive from Varanasi.


Scania’s task in Singrauli is to increase the customer’s productivity and reduce costs by measuring and analysing the waiting time and the queue to load, as well as the loading methods and the condition of the roads.


VPR Mining uses 160 Scania trucks to transport the 5-20 metres thick layer of overburden from the open pit. A large number of excavators are used to load the trucks and the annual production amounts to about 60 million tonnes.


Lean principles, tools, and methods

Jon Fangel from Scania Mining is the Project Manager on site. The project in Singrauli is showing promising results. VPR and Scania are working together to make sure that the implementation is embedded in the ways of working with continuous improvements.


“The core of Scania Site Optimisation framework is to holistically view the mine as a factory, and implement the lean principles, tools, and methods,” says Jon Fangel. He also stresses that the most important aspects of the project are the collaboration with the customer, as they work together to find improvements, prioritise what needs to be done and implement the solution.


“We see many opportunities for further improvements of the business in the future. VPR Mining and we are very pleased with our cooperation so far.”