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Promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles

12 MAY 2017

From local football teams to national ski teams and international awards, Scania chooses to sponsor specific organisations and events sharing in the company’s values.


Through sponsoring and partnering with specific events and organisations such as; Nobel Media, the Swedish cross-country team and contemporary circus troupes, Scania continues to fulfil its commitment to a more sustainable world.

Sponsorship and partnership agreements are not only about tickets and brand placement at events. Scania uses sponsorship and partnership agreements as a way of re-enforcing and promoting many of its core values.


“Sponsorship is a tool for highlighting what we stand for, strengthening Scania both externally and internally,”says Izla Aho, Sponsorship and communications, brand management.


A sustainable society

Sponsorship of events is linked to employees and families coming together and enjoying their spare time in places organised by institutions that share in values that Scania holds strong such as; team spirit and determination.


The organisations and local events that Scania supports are in accordance with the company’s strong belief in, and support of, a more sustainable society.


Scania Iberica sponsored the FIM MotoGP World Championships.

Just outside of Madrid in Spain, Scania Iberica works to plant a tree for each bus and truck sold in Spain and Portugal, now the forest stands at more than 13,600 trees and counting. Also in Spain and reflecting Scania’s core values of both team spirit and determination, in 2015 Scania Iberica sponsored the FIM MotoGP World Championships. After being appointed official truck provider for the event the company supplied 14 V8 trucks for official use. These provided the vital service of transporting equipment from circuit to circuit, ensuring that the races could take place.


A healthy lifestyle

Scania has always believed in promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles and so in Brazil the company supported one the of the country’s favourite sports – Judo. Additionally, just as in Sweden, Scania also provides trucks for ski waxing to the Norwegian national Ski team. By providing these services Scania fulfils its promise to solve transport tasks in a sustainable way.

Healthier, more efficient and better organised. Many improvements have been achieved since the cross-country skiing teams received their Scania waxing trailers.

“Here we do what we are experts in, finding tailored transport solutions. We contribute with vehicles and improve the drivers’ conditions in an innovative way. When it comes to the waxing truck, the working environment of the waxers was also drastically improved, something we were first with,” says Mikael Person, Head of Brand Management.


With integrity and by working with those championing shared values of dedication, team work and respect of the individual Scania demonstrates the company’s clear direction towards a more sustainable society overall.