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Lowering threshold for urban deliveries


The L-series is Scania’s newly developed cab series for urban transport, such as distribution, refuse collection and maintenance.


“These lower trucks are well adapted for cities,” says Jorge Guttierrez, Product Manager, Scania Trucks. “Drivers are at the same level as other road users, with the added advantage of improved working conditions when repeatedly entering and exiting the cab.”


In a standard kneeling mode, entering the cab is only one step away. The front air suspension will drop 10 centimetres as soon as the parking brake is applied. On the two-step version kneeling is optional.


Three alternative roof heights

In challenging urban environments, with the constant hustle and bustle of cars, cyclists and pedestrians, the driver will feel more at ease with the vastly improved direct vision of the surroundings.


The space-efficient cab offers seats for three passengers in addition to the driver, with easy movement around the cab. Certain operations, such as refuse collection, might require a crew on board. The new L-series is designed for an optional extra two passengers at the centre of the cab; up to three passengers can travel in comfort.

The cabs are all two metres long, with three alternative roof heights – low, normal and high. If a truck with the kneeling facility is selected, the single step takes the driver into the cab. The floor is then approximately 80 centimetres above ground, depending on tyre dimensions. In addition to the short height, the step is also comfortably wide and no less than 79 centimetres. Without kneeling, the driver and passengers only need to climb two short steps; the floor is then a mere 93 centimetres above ground.


Scania Opticruise

The Scania L-series can feature automatic kneeling with the lower boarding step at 44 centimetres. With this low boarding step on both sides of the cab, drivers can take advantage of the space in front of the engine tunnel to exit on the passenger side, thereby avoiding oncoming traffic.


The L-series is powered by Scania’s updated 9-litre engine, which is offered in three power outputs for diesel and two for gas propulsion, including both CNG/CBG and LNG/LBG. All engines can be selected in combination with Scania’s automated gear changing system Opticruise or an automatic gearbox from Allison. Typical axle configurations for urban applications are 4×2 or 6×2*4, the latter with Scania’s electrically steered tag axle.


The L-series is powered by Scania’s updated 9-litre engine, which is available in three power levels for diesel. During 2018, Scania will also add its OC09 gas engine in two power levels (and for both CNG and LNG) to the engine range for the L-series. All engines can be combined with Scania Opticruise or with an Allison automatic gearbox.