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First UK new generation Scania

1 MARCH 2017

The UK’s first order for a new generation Scania was placed by a company who didn’t even own a truck eight years ago. Today the Suffolk-based hazardous cargo and fertilizer transport specialists has a fleet of 37 vehicles and a staff of 60.


In 2004, joint owners David Crawford and James Mainwaring formed Kersey Freight. They started out as a freight haulier, transporting up to 140 loads a week to France, Germany and Italy. In the same year, 10 new countries were accepted into the European Union which led to more competition and lower prices. A decision was made to turn their back on Europe and focus on the UK market.


This was a turning point for Kersey Freight and contributed towards to the success they’re experiencing today. Now they specialise in hazardous cargo and fertiliser transport, with a fleet of 37 trucks and 60 members of staff.


The expansion of Kersey Freight has been rapid over the past few years. Joint founder, David Crawford, credits this to the relationship with their local Scania dealer.


The haulier began their relationship with Scania after being identified as a new and emerging company. This loyalty has paid off. In the last three years, Kersey Freight has bought 22 Scania trucks, all sold by TruckEast Stowmarket.


Their new flagship truck and the first new generation Scania in the UK is a Scania S 580 V8 mid-lift tractor unit. And it’s going down very well with driver Geraint Richards. “He joined us in 2010 and loves it, especially the cab layout and extra space he has. So far he’s been getting 29.4 litres/100 km which we’re pleased with.”


Buying their first new generation Scania wasn’t a difficult decision. “We believe in the product. Scania trucks are well built, reliable and hard working tools. You know you’re buying quality with all the testing and the amount of money Scania has spent in the process.”