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A new range of sustainable service

11 DECEMBER 2017

No matter the urban application or the challenges a customer is facing, the possibilities of tailoring sustainable service solutions are almost endless. Scania has developed a new range of services that offer obvious improvements to hauliers’ total operating economy.


For customers to get the most out of their fleet, it’s vital to offer them the right kinds of solutions and services. Scania offers tailored solutions that support sustainable urban transport, while giving customers the best total operating economy. “We are adding new services and some very versatile products both in the engine and in the cab range,” says Henrik Eng, Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks. “Regardless of whether customers are in distribution, waste management or rescue services, they can rely on Scania to support them with tailored services.”


Access to workshops and spare parts is imperative in the urban segment. These features are integral to Scania’s offering, which means it can provide a partnership that gives peace of mind. And the flexibility of the workshop is what really makes a difference for the customer. One of the options available is a service wherein Scania picks up the truck for servicing or simply takes over the entire responsibility for all maintenance via Scania Fleet Care.


Companies delivering temperature-controlled foodstuffs to supermarkets have high demands on uptime. A breakdown can render a shipment worthless, resulting in losses for both fleet owners and stores.


Scania has a wide selection of service deals, making it possible to choose exactly what the specific fleet owner needs. Although many customers belong to the same industry – distribution – their businesses differ, as do the challenges they face. The sales team can identify the best choices, making use of the complete toolbox of services and products.


Scania wants to generate the maximum value for customers through financial services, connected services and solutions, repair and maintenance services and also tailored vehicle specifications.


One of the other new features in the services offering is application-based driver training. This is regular driver training taken a step further, with the aim of creating value for a much broader customer base, among them urban operations. It uses training modules that can be selected to suit each customer’s relevant focus areas and the drivers’ needs in their current operation in a very flexible way.


“It’s about identifying decisive factors for the customer,” Eng explains. By knowing the customers and potential customers well, Scania knows exactly which services and products should be offered to improve the customers’ total operating economy and create a true partnership.


Four training modules

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Safety and security
  • Environmental performance


Scania services

Finance solutions

  • Short to long duration
  • Flexible payment plan (seasonal, linear, grace period)
  • Low to high down payment or residual value


Insurance solutions

Eliminate the financial risk of expensive accident repairs:

  • Ensure fast handling of claims
  • Ensure fast handling of accident repairs to optimise uptime


Repair and maintenance

Scania Maintenance with flexible plans and vehicle-related services are available for all workshop set-ups regardless of a customer’s location:

  • Scania workshop
  • Customer workshop services
  • Field workshop


Connected services

Enable the customers to manage their fleets in real time:

  • Fleet management
  • Tachograph services