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Scania engines helps save the Leaning Tower of Pisa


How Italian pumps fitted with Scania engines use technology that helped save the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


It’s not often that you witness the assembly of a product as rich in technology as high-pressure pumps.  At the heart of these two high-performance machines lie two Scania 16-litre industrial engines: 515 kW and 566 kW (US Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IIIB emissions-compliant respectively).


We follow the process along the assembly line with expert guide Cesare Melegari, president of Tecniwell, a company from Piacenza, Italy, that designs and manufactures jet grouting equipment (pumps for cement mixing and injection systems).


Italy: leader in the field

The history of development of jet grouting is very interesting, as Melegari explains. “The idea and its embryonic development took place in Japan. This was later imported to Italy and used for the first time in the consolidation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


“The technology presented on that occasion was developed and improved in our country for the creation of increasingly complex and sophisticated machinery also used in the oil industry. This continuous technological development has strengthened the role of Italian companies in the field of jet grouting, making us in fact the absolute leader in this field.”


Insisting on Scania engines

“These two pumps are destined for South-East Asia and the Spanish markets. The latter have been commissioned by the Keller Group – a world leader in the construction industry – which for its machines insists on the exclusive use of Scania engines,” Melegari says.


The pumps have two uses: in the construction sector the pumping and injection of cement, and in the oil sector the stimulation of wells through high-pressure water injection. In both these cases very powerful equipment is needed. The work takes place in extreme operating conditions, where the overall reliability of the individual components must be at the highest possible level.


How was Tecniwell born and how did it grow?

“We recently celebrated 30 years in business. We started as a true pioneer in the production of jet grouting equipment, which is machinery capable of reaching pressures up to 900 bar. Over the years we have consolidated our position at the national level and then expanded abroad with clients operating in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.”

“Currently our turnover is based almost exclusively on orders from markets outside of Italy. The history of our company has had an interesting corporate path and I would say is against the normal trend.”


“From 1999 to 2014, the company was part of a US public company, Layne Christensen, an engineering group in which we took care of the technological and operational aspects of jet-grouting. About a year ago we returned to being completely Italian, committed to the continuous evolution of our products.”


Can you describe some technical innovations that distinguish your work?

“We have worked a lot on the improvement of motor pumps moving from traditional “chain drive” to “crown and pinion”, guaranteeing a higher level of both performance and quality. This technical aspect makes us unique in the market.”


“We also operate in the maritime field, producing a machine for the construction of submarine rods/supports contributing to the restoration of the docks of the port of Ravenna. Another example of unique equipment is our ‘mini-jets’, very compact units for the injection and mixing of cement. This is a popular product, especially in the United States.”


What are the distinctive aspects of your partnership with Scania?

“Our cooperation with the Scania brand dates back to 1991, and since then contact has never been interrupted. What I would like to emphasise is the support we have always received from Scania with the technological development of our products and for resolution of problems, especially with those also outside our national borders. With Scania we know we can count on a serious and reliable partner, always!”