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Safety first when the party rolls in


In Thailand, having fun is part of life. To cater for the more mobile revellers, a growing number of “shing-shub tours” – party and karaoke buses – are plying the Thai roads. Now Scania brings more safety into these rolling nightclubs.


Based in Saraburi, 250 kilometers northeast of Bangkok, Prasert Kungnern and his “family” – as he calls the dedicated employees – have their headquarters. Out of respect for the recently deceased King Bhumibol Adulyadej, their fleet of extravagant party buses will keep a low profile for some months while being maintained.


Featuring large leather sofas, breathtaking sound systems, spectacular lighting, LCD TVs, bars, bathrooms and much more, these rolling nightclubs can be connected with each other to allow for up to 500 guests to simultaneously enjoy the same show, while being on the move in an eye-and ear-catching convoy of up to 10 buses.


Spectacular equipment

“Some of these buses are equipped with sound and lighting systems for one million baht (equivalent to €20,000)”, says Kungnern.

“This is a new, more modern and safe version of the traditional Thai party and karaoke buses. Our customers can rent them for any occasion. It could be anything from teenagers who prefer karaoke and a big wild party to older people who want folk songs and a more traditional celebration. What unites them all is a wish to have fun, relax and party. Especially during the New Year and spring. Many of our customers are private companies and governmental units who regularly entertain their employees,” explains Kungnern.


Safety comes first

Describing his business, he carefully points out security is his very first concern. The Thai party bus industry has been hit by several serious accidents, particularly when driving during heavy rain.


“I believe it´s essential in this business to have high quality buses with a good record when it comes to drivability and safety. Thanks to excellent driver support systems in these Scania buses, our drivers only need a short training before they are ready to go. And they say the suspension is outstanding in Scania buses.”

In Thailand, bus operators are moving to become more professional in their approach to running their business. While cash flow is still one of the main concerns, total cost of ownership is more and more important.


Better total cost

“The buses from Scania are easy to service and maintain, and the fuel efficiency is excellent, which of course appeal to me. We save money by driving Scania and the total cost for our operations are better. I trust these buses can be used for a much longer time than the other brands also used in the party bus industry. So it´s worth the investment for me,” Kungnern concludes.