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Media confirms new generation Scania delivers lower fuel consumption


Since its launch earlier this autumn, the new generation Scania has been out on roads being put to the test by Europe’s leading truck trade media. Scania promised lower fuel consumption – and Scania has delivered.


France Routes subjected the new truck to rigorous tests along its comparative 419-kilometre route in the hilly Rhöne-Alpes in southeastern France. Over the five hours of testing, the new generation Scania R 500 recorded an average fuel consumption of 28.4 litres/100 km.


It thereby outshone the previous Scania champion, a Scania R 450 which was tested in 2014 at 30.19 litres/100 km. Although the new generation travelled at a higher average speed, it beat its elder sibling by six percent.


Scania fared equally well in the German trade magazine KFZ-Anzeiger’s test. The Scania S 500 is “sensationally economical”, according to the magazine. In fact, it is the first truck to register under 30 litres/100 km on their test route. Definitely value for money, is their verdict.


“These are just the first in a series of demanding impartial tests that will be published in the coming months,” says Örjan Åslund, Head of Product Affairs at Scania. “We are confident the also these tests will confirm the outstanding fuel consumption of our new generation trucks.”