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“I am proud of my job and I learn something new every day”

7 APRIL 2016

Maher G Abdulahad graduated in mechanical engineering in Mosel, Iraq, in 1982. For many years he worked on project management, planning and installation of electrical, water and ventilation systems. Until 2007, he also ran his own storage and cooling management company within the food sector.

“I came here in November 2007, learnt Swedish and got a maintenance engineering certificate from UTEK, the Swedish Maintenance Society. That meant that I could do an internship at DynaMate, which is now called Scania Industrial Maintenance.”

From work experience to permanent position
Maher’s journey at Scania went from work experience to probationary employment 5 months later. Today he is a project engineer at Scania Industrial Maintenance working on workshop planning and changes for all parts of Scania.

“I still have the same position as when I started – and I’m really happy in the group. Everyone is knowledgeable and very helpful. We have good managers and good equipment.”

Huge development opportunities
During his time at Scania, Maher has attended close to 20 courses in everything from first aid and fire alarms, to more specialist planning and projecting.

“The opportunities for further training and development are very good at Scania. We are encouraged to attend courses and can also suggest training we are interested in ourselves. It’s fun and rewarding for both us and the company.”

Secure employment
Maher thinks that he is very lucky. He has a job that is the perfect match for his training and previous career at a large, secure company with a good HR policy.

“I am proud to work at a world-famous company. The fact that I can live close to my workplace also makes things even better. Hopefully, my son will do his thesis project here so there will be even more Scania in the family.”