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Venture collaboration

Scania is part of the Combient network, a Nordic-based industry collaboration that aims to accelerate transformation in technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, analytics and open innovation. The Combient Foundry is an initiative that connects start-ups with Nordic industry leaders, enabling the joint creation of new services and solutions.

With big technology shifts and new business models ahead, the transport industry is facing many challenges and opportunities. Scania is exploring different paths to drive change, within both our production and logistics department and our new customer solutions. Several of these paths include joining forces with like-minded companies and organisation to develop new solutions.


The rate of change is fast in areas such as automation and artificial intelligence and these technologies can provide great efficiencies. Working with other companies – big and small – to share experiences and build partnerships is important for us on our journey towards a sustainable transport system.

The best of Nordic industry and start-ups

Teaming up with Combient and Combient Foundry is an example of a cooperation that enables an exchange with other large industrial companies in the Nordic Region, which helps keep the region competitive in the global arena. It also allows larger companies such as Saab, Stora Enso, KONE, Husqvarna Group and Scania to tap into the start-up scene's deep well of entrepreneurship.


The potential of the digital revolution, in combination with electrification and automation, is huge in the ecosystem of transport and logistics. In the Combient cooperation scalable projects are being built with Nordic industry leaders and the best start-ups around the world. The start-ups win by gaining access to global companies, who they can use as their reference clients. Combient companies win by speeding up their project execution and by working with the best teams as they are transforming industries.