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Renewable Fuels

Liquid natural gas (LNG)

We’ve been running 4x2 format chassis very successfully for many years and we are proud to announce the new 6x2 format. The addition of a six-wheel LNG tractor unit to our gas vehicle range is an exciting step forward as it opens up new opportunities for biogas-fuelled long distance haulage. 


Bespoke to the UK market, this outstanding piece of engineering also provides a major premium single fuel experience, with no requirement for diesel to start the vehicle and no adblue required for normal running. Which is an important consideration as the purity of the bespoke Scania solution will provide major fuel economy benefits for operators.  The proof is in the demo, where we will prove outstanding fuel performance is possible with renewables, right now, right here.



The vehicle features two LNG tanks: 313-litres/122kg* on the nearside and 187-litres/73kg on the offside. While the actual range will be dependant upon a variety of operational factors, our trials have shown that distances in excess of 400 miles are achievable. With a lightweight Hendrickson centre lift-axle giving a payload of up to 44 tonnes, LNG now fits the bill of any long-haul operation in the UK.




Scania Euro 6 gas engines

OC09 104

280 hp

OC09 105

340 hp

OC13 101

410 hp





Cylinder arrangement

Inline 5

Inline 5

Inline 6

Emission control

3-way catalyst, EGR

3-way catalyst, EGR

3-way catalyst, EGR

Max. power

280 hp (206 kW)

at 1900 rpm

340 hp (250 kW)

at 1900 rpm

410 hp (302 kW)

at 1900 rpm

Max. torque

1350 Nm at

1000-1400 rpm

1600 Nm at

1100-1400 rpm

2000 Nm at

1100-1400 rpm

* Fuel figures calculated at 10 bar

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